Monday, July 27, 2009

Job Interview

I: Interviewer
G: German

I: Hello German, how are you?, welcome, have a sit, let's talk.
G: Hi, I'm just fine, thank you.
I:What made you want to apply for this job?
G: Well I just graduated from college and I'm beginning my master'sdegree, so I think I fulfill the qualities you're looking for in an new employee.
I: Very nice, we like people who want to grow profesionally, so what are some of your best qualities as a worker?
G: I'm responsable, hard worker, great team worker, energetic, easy going, and personally I consider myself as a likable person.
I: Very important what you said about been responsable, so let's pretent that you are working with a partner and he gets sick, you have to present an inform for the next day, what would you do?
G: I just simply finish it by myself, work is work and when it has to be done it has to be done.
I: Very well said, since when are you speaking english? I read your resume and you are originally from Venezuela, so your first language is Spanish, is it?
G: Yes, I come from Venezuela, and yes my first language is Spanish, I've been speaking english since I was 12 years old.
I: Great, it's always better to learn when you're young, so final question, what do you spect from yourself and from the work you'll do?
G: From myself I spect to be a great worker, to don't let you down, and always make the best work I can do, and also be better than you spected, from the job I want to grow as an engineer and why not, as a person, you'll never stop learning, so I spect to learn a lot, and also meet very nice people.
I: Well that's it. Very good interview, it was very nice to meet you, and you'll get an answer next week.
G: Thank you a lot for the opportunity and for showing interest in me, I really apriciate it .

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