Sunday, July 26, 2009

May-July09 Team 4:

Team Members
Ignacio Davila-Leader
Phoebe Gómez-Assistant project leader
German Rodriguez-Technology
Yanina Alvilar-Secretary

Mind Map of the Project:


Our every day life has been directly affected by the industrial revolution and social groups have grown.This has made industry develop on big steps.This expansion has not been reflected just on physical spaces but also on the environment, for the past years men have focused on the elaboration of different products that attend their needs with the only goal to improve his well-being and lifestyle but in the process of accomplishing this goal, men have forgotten something more important, so important that without it he couldn't live, THE ENVIRONMENT
Engineering Solution (Proposal):

Giving conferences to companies that are polluting the environment. In this conferences we'll talk about possibles solutions to the problem, how can they change their way of working in order to help the environment.
Methodology (How are you planning to solve the problem):

1) Educating the Companies: We'll talk to the different polluting companies through group talks, because not only the head chief must know about this, but also all the employees in the companies.

2) Recycling: This is an incredible way to help the environment, we'll teach the companies that recycling is a win-win activity, they win because the can re-use their products, and also the environment wins.

3) Finding Alternatives Energy Sources: Most of the polluting companies are the ones that provide energy, such as electricity. For example, here in Maracaibo there's an electricity plant called "La Arriaga", this plant uses water from the lake, they boil this and they use the vapor to turn it into electricity, so when this process is finished the water is thrown again into the lake killing all the fish nearby. So, we can change this plant into another that uses wind instead of boiled water.

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